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Music troubles

I’ve just spent 2 days – most of 2 days when you count the hours – fixing my iTunes library.


A few new things just now. Lunar new year, of course, so CNY comedies. A few new ones and some fanfiction, believe it or not.

Asgard isn’t a place; it’s a people

A few months ago I joined a voluntary organisation called Hong Kong Link Up. The point of this idea was that people fleeing HK with BNO passports probably wouldn’t have anyone here.


I’ve gone back to some old favourite TV series. My excuses may be many, but I’ve gone straight for the DVD boxed set of Remington Steele and you know what? I regret nothing.

The Great Magician – what does it all mean?

The Great Magician, a Hong Kong movie from 2012, is a great big bag of snakes. Is it a comedy? Is it a whodunnit? Is it a romance? Is it a war movie? How does it work? Let’s find out today as we play Rewatch and Review, The Great Magician edition.


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